Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Piano Bizness / Smooth Baby

Drum & bass tunes a beloved leader/DJ would be proud of!

Calibre with a sub-woofer treat of a release, one wonky & one blissful

Smooth Baby - Calibre

Piano Bizness - Calibre

Don't know how to describe this tune, but it's damn tasty
( future tribal electronic sounds..?!? )

Man Up - Breach

Just E (Breach remix) - DJ Crazy

Bonesinger - Royalston

A pretty dark video to accompany a pretty dark sounding tune

Marka - Dub Phizix & Strategy

One Condition - Grafix

Nice Up The Dance - Marcus Visionary

Love You To Life (Digital Mystikz) - Grace Jones

One Love (Digital Mystikz) - Sizzla

Pictures sourced from Kim Jong Il Dropping The Bass

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