Monday, 30 August 2010

Loops of Fury

On this brand new single from Brisbane's finest, The Loops of Fury, 'Rack'Em' is a low-slung, compulsive slice of electro-techno, hooky but never too obvious, and a perfect choice for those dark & dirty bigrooms

Rack Em - The Loops of Fury


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ida Engberg

This lady blows my mind with her mixes...expect stripped grooves and heads down, sweat on the ceiling tech-house

Ida Engberg - Live at the Fire Fahrenheit

Disco Volante - Ida Engberg


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Positive Vibes

This week's installment features a couple of reggae-tinged dubstep tracks, from DZ & The Widdler, as well as some of the purest, deepest dub and chilled hip-hop, including jazzed-up instrumentals crafted by Canadian newcomer Resolved Dissonance, that subtly grab your most disguised emotions...

Positive Vibes (HD4000 remix) - The Widdler


By Heart - Resolved Dissonance


Never Been Better - Resolved Dissonance


Summer With You - Resolved Dissonance


Rock Steady (Volta Masters remix) - Move Meant


On The Road Again - Jerry Lacroix

download 'On The Road Again (Diimarik edit) - Jerry Lacroix':

The Things We Do - DZ


time to slow things down a bit with a straight-up chiller of a dub track...

Rain Mind - Giant


Colour Climax - Jigsaw


Passing Time - John Redbourn


Monday, 9 August 2010

Doc Delay

Just discovered some seriously insane mix up action from Dr Delay.

On "Eastern Bloc Party" we get a mish mash of library sounds, hip hop, rock, psyche, exotica and just about everything else chucked in.

Petra Janu & Pro-Rock - Demoni Z Dejvic A Doktor:

Koncz Zsuzsa - Visz a vonat (J-Live - Them That's Not)

Halina Frackowiak - Wodo Zimna Wodo (Common - Communism)

Also worth checking out is 'Psycrunk' where there’s some pretty creative juxtapositions that make for a great mixtape to jam to: Trillville on top of the flowery sounds of 70′s Turkish psych music and Triple 6 Mafia vs. the Seeds