Wednesday, 31 March 2010

NYC in the place to be

I just got back from NYC, and these are the pick of the tunes from my journey...

Hit Me - The Menagerie

Place To Be - Surreal & The Sound Providers

The New Shit (Phat Drop mix) - The Brooklyn Zoo

Got the hunger (DJ Vadim mix) - Alice Russell

Doobie To The Head - Funkdoobiest

Red House - Jimi Hendrix

All Alone (Mocean Worker remix) - Alice Russell

Place To Be - Surreal & The Sound Providers

December 4th (RJD2 re-edit) - Jay-Z

No Excuse For Clothes - Jay-Z vs RJD2

Superfast Jellyfish - Gorillaz feat. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

rhythm devoted to the art of moving butts

some groovy-as-hell, full-of-soul vibes, featuring Red Astaire and Freddie Cruger...

Love To Angie - Red Astaire

Navegantes da ilusão - Mato Seco

Running from love - Freddie Cruger feat. ADL

Follow Me - Freddie Cruger feat. Red Astaire

40 oz of Funk - Native Nuttz

Something Good - Freddie Cruger

Sexual Healing (Red Astaire remix) - Marvin Gaye

Murder Competition - ADL

To My MF Clubheadz - Red Astaire

Timbre (remix) - The Woodzmen

Rollin' Stone - Red Astaire

Monday, 22 March 2010

flash bastard beats


Shut The Lights Off (Caspa & Trolley Snatcha Remix) - Adam F Feat. Redman

U Like My Style - Shortie No Mass
[Originally recorded in '95 but only released in 2002. Produced by Da Beatminerz]

Hip-Hop (Adam F & Fresh remix) - Dead Prez

Broadcasting Live - DJ Cam feat. Channel Live

Big Bounce Theory - Jneiro Jarel

Afro Temple - Sabu Martinez

Blue Flowers (Prince Paul's So Beautiful remix) - Dr Octagon

Trees - Dr Octagon

Saturday, 20 March 2010

sticky icky icky etc etc

take a seat..or don't..
take a deep breath..or don't...
but do roll a fatty..
and for goodness sake, blast these terminally-ill tunes..

J'Attends - Hocus Pocus

The People Tree (feat. David Byrne, Chali 2na, Gift Of Gab & Z-Trip) - N.A.S.A.

The Lesson - Sound Providers & Surreal

Hip-Hop ? feat. The Procussions - Hocus Pocus

Gettin' It In - Skit Slam & The Beatnikz

Ghetto Livin' - Skit Slam & The Beatnikz

Concrete Jungle - Skit Slam & The Beatnikz

Babylon - Young Buck& Sizzla

Revolution (Anthony B) - Beatnick & K-Salaam remix

The New Shit (Phat Drop mix) - The Brooklyn Zoo

Cali Kali - Kali

Bosha Nova - Mr Electric Triangle

Constance (Instrumental) - Mr J Medeiros

Beautiful Losers feat. Alice Russell - Hocus Pocus

Brutus - Mr J. Medeiros

Signes des temps feat. Mr J. Medeiros & Stro The 89th Key - Hocus Pocus

Hip Hop - N.A.S.A.

"You used to be phat
Then you turned to blubber"

The Cypher - Blame One

Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh No Ono - Eleanor Speaks (Caribou Remix)

Oh No Ono - Eleanor Speaks (Caribou Remix)

Second Round Hits Promo - Station

Bap Yo Head (Up Hygh remix) - Freddie Cruger

Bap Yo Head (Instrumental) - Freddie Cruger

New boy on the scene Deadboy is creating waves with mellow tropical/bass/garage sounds - another product of London's neon glowing musical landscape...this lad's blowing up..

Halcyon (Deadboy remix) - Delphic

Heartbreaker - Deadboy

Brock Lee Riddim - Deadboy

Thursday, 18 March 2010


As I am heading to New York next week, I thought I'd post some New York shit:

New York S*** - Busta Rhymes

How To Dance - Fatback Band [the original to the Kool G song below]

Streets of New York - Kool G

NY State of Mind - Nas

Beatnick a.k.a Nick Phillips

K-Salaam & Beatnick shot into the limelight fame in July 2008 with their remix album 'Whose World Is This?', remixing Buju Banton, Dead Prez and Talib Kweli to name but a few. The producers are Beatnick and K-Salaam, a.k.a. Nick Phillips and Kayvon Sarfehjooy of Minneapolis-St. Paul, now living and working out of the same Queens apartment.

"We didn't do a hip-hop-reggae album," says K-Salaam, reached by phone in New York. "We just worked with artists we like. That's why it comes off as original and natural."

They followed this up with 'Never Can Say Goodbye', remixing Motown classics:

Uptight (Beatnick & K-Salaam remix) - Stevie Wonder:

What's Going On (Beatnick & K-Salaam remix) - Marvin Gaye 

Let's Get It On (Beatnick & K-Salaam remix) - Marvin Gaye 


I am lucky enough to have got my grubby little mits on a Nick Phillips instrumental album. You'll do very well indeed to find this anywhere else on the internet...

Beatnick instrumental album:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

At the party

Train to Bamako (Canblaster remix) - Myd

At The Party - Macklemore

download 'The Unplanned Mixtape' by Macklemore:

Turn It Up - Ugly Duckling

Astoria - Milt Mortez

Gentleman Duck - Milt Mortez

Elephant Dub - Mark Pritchard

FINALLY!.! The herb has only come around...

Come Around (Widdler remix) - Collie Buddz

Monday, 15 March 2010


Nosaj improvisation set..this is mortally ill

Dirty Money - Soom T

Dubshh - Octa Push

Doobee Dee Doo - Soom T

Sunday, 14 March 2010

jah hah

Sensi Addict - Mikey Murka

Shootouts - Nas (Wall-B remix)

The Next Episode - Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg (Wall-B remix)

Slave Driver - Ranking Joe

Seven Nation Army - Alice Russell

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lack of Afro

Funky ass sounds

Hurt Me So (Lack Of Afro remix) - Diplomats of Solid Sound

Funky Nassau - Bahama Soul Stew

Ghetto Funk - Duralcha

Dedicate this one to my housemate Jim. Hey there Jim.
Hey There Jim - Jimmy Bo Horne

The Funky 16 Corners - The Highlighters

The Kick - The Rhythym Machine

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


i've just been watching some football (soccer to those across the pond), and saw this song advertised:

Oh Africa - Akon

Here's some tunes dedicated to Africa..

King of Africa - Douster [I know this has featured in a previous post, but come on, listen]

African Style - Planet Asia

Water No Get Enemy - Fela Kuti

Gentleman - Fela Kuti

(In my humble opinion) the gulf in talent between Akon and the following artists is massive. These guys will sadly make a fraction of Akon's income.
Akon, you should have been locked up a long, long time ago...
I'm not a hater. I just don't particularly like your music. Nothing personal Akon...

Poliomyelite - Staff Benda Bilili

Africa - The Others

Afrika VIP - Caspa & Rusko