Friday, 29 June 2012

Necessary Mayhem

Necessary Mayhem Records is all about reggae, dancehall, drum & bass and anything bass driven!

Ganja Man Ganja Woman - Killa Mosquito feat. Mr Williamz

Herbalist on the Gorilla Riddim - Cali P 

Access Denied Mix- Franz Job - Massicker - Da Grynch

Wicked & Wild - Tippa Irie & Marcus Visionary Edit

The whole crew in the studio

Dancehall Style Megamix (Studio Video) - Tippa Irie, Stush, Dready, Mr Williamz

Know Fi Move Your Waist

Know Fi Move Your Waist - Benny Page

Top Rank Skank - Benny Page & Mr Williamz

Don Ruijgrok

time to forget about Don Corleone...
it's all bout this dark, Dutch minimal tech producer!

*don't actually forget about Don Corleone

Ebbrezza - Don Ruijgrok

Poltergeis (Original mix) -Don Ruijgrok


Soothing, funkified riffs & Beach Boy-esque harmonies (or "daytime disco") from Californian duo Poolside

Why You Wanna - Poolside

Slow Down - Poolside

Take Me Home - Poolside

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Money - Jeremiah Jae

Money - Jeremiah Jae
directed by Flying Lotus

similar rapping style to Kendrick Lamar, and when I heard the first part of this tune, 
the song below popped into my head .. no idea why. but here it is

Bobby James - NERD

Headman, Brenz & Myth Richards

bassy treats for y'all

It Rough (Chicken Lips Mix) - Headman

She Got Them Super High Blazed Green Eyes - Brenz

Do It-  Myth Richards

Flying to Mars

Flying to Mars - Foreign Beggars ft. Donae'o
produced by Alix Perez

Ain't That Peculiar

Ain't That Peculiar - Oddisee

Paralyzed - Oddisee

The Gold is Mine - Oddisee

Man I Used to Be - Oddisee

J Man

I caught Jman with DJ Vadim at Rivington Street Festival, dope flow

watch that mix up at 1 min 35, real dark

4D Reality - J Man

That Time - J Man

Freestyle - J Man

Dopeness - TTxBC

Some serious sounds from TT & BC

Drive - The Tribe & Big Cats

Blow It Up With Fire - The Tribe & Big Cats

Breaking Down The Walls - The Tribe & Big Cats

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Velvet Tux

a jazzy, chilled electronic something from Velvet Tux

Feelin. [Velvet Tux's Schmuck Remix] - Kai Urig & Artful Dice

Yosi Horikawa

Enticing soundscapes from Yosi Horikawa, both wildly original and imaginative

"The songs' subtle melodies blend with the babbling pitter-patter to create 
a cool and soothing bit of artful easy listening"

the bulk of this song's textural sounds provided by what seems to be recordings of small objects being dropped

Wandering - Yosi Horikawa

This track serves as the perfect introduction to the budding producer's sound, which combines field recordings, extremely detailed drums, and vast soundscapes, ultimately ending up somewhere between the beat-scene and electro-acoustic schools of production.

Yosi Horikawa at Sonar

Yosi Horikawa - In The Distance - First Word 
Yosi Horikawa - Red Sound - Eklektik
Yosi Horikawa - Dots - Eklektik
Yosi Horikawa - Splash - Eklektik
Yosi Horikawa - Bear - Eklektik
Yosi Horikawa - Kingdom Of Frogs - Eklektik
Yosi Horikawa - Wandering - First Word
Yosi Horikawa - Letter - First Word
Yosi Horikawa - Look From South - Eklektik
Yosi Horikawa - Passion - Eklektik

Session - Yosi Horikawa

Letter - Yosi Horikawa


Sunchild ft. Substantial & Funky DL - P.R


Billie Jean - Easy Star All Stars

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Para One

Dope song, dope video from French producer Para One

after watching, you'll want to go to Japan

Lean On Me featuring Teki Latex - Para One

"Passion is a diverse album from an artist who's been serving up varied offerings throughout his career ... Without a doubt, Passion is the French producer's most distinct and rewarding release to date, running through house, techno, boogie, and even bits of hip-hop and R&B with a warped funkiness and a keen sense for endlessly vibrant sonic colorings."


Don't Flop Competition + Performance - Bamalam


on a French hip-hop vibe today, here's Supafuh

Big S - Supafuh The Vintager

Kool - Supafuh The Vintager

Gimme a Break - Supafuh

Dr Jazz Returns - Supafuh

Phatt Combo - Maniaco Lyricistes & Supafuh

Jazzy Bazz

On verra bien - Jazzy Bazz

Jazzy Bazz , Can I kick it , l'entourage , cool connexion Lyrics

jazzy bazz @ Ghetto Erudit freestyle