Wednesday, 28 December 2011

More by Nils Frahm

Dream-like modern classical music from Nils Frahm

Having recorded his last album live in a large, reverberant church, Nils Frahm now invites you to put on your headphones and dive into a world of microscopic and delicate sounds

Recorded late at night in the reflective solitude and silence of his studio in Berlin, he uncovers a new sound and source of inspiration within these peaceful moments; he placed the microphones so deep inside the piano that they were almost touching the strings. 

This brought a host of external sounds to the recordings which most producers would try their hardest to hide:
"I hear myself breathing and panting, the scraping sound of the piano's action and the creaking of my wooden floorboards - all equally as loud as the music. The music becomes a contingency, a chance, an accident within all this rustling. My heart opens and I wonder what exactly it is that makes me feel so happy."

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And It's Alright (Nils Frahm remix) - Peter Broderick

Lagrimagua - Nils Frahm

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