Monday, 3 January 2011

Trunk of Funk part 1

Big, bad breaks and ferocious funk...part 1

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Paradee - Para

Outlines - Ernst Arno

Suite #2 in Z - Raw Stiles

Rain Dance (Suhov magyar remix) - Pulpfusion

The Gasworks Gang - Jem Stone

I Give You Everything You Want - Karthago

Hear The Difference - Dr Stereo

Sho' Nuff - Bulljun

Gone - Mark V Unlimited

Escape (Diesler remix) - Unity

The Bearded Fist! - Simple Citizens

DownRock's Theme - Clayton & Fulcrum

Ayer Y Hoy (Ray Lugo Kokolo Remix) - Brownout

Totonno Beat (prologue) - Pilot Jazou

Purification Pt.1 - Funkshone

Riot - Deep Street Soul

These tracks in playlist form courtesy of 8tracks:

part 2 to follow soon...

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