Sunday, 21 November 2010

say ow

Big, bad boom-bapping breaks, beats & rhymes...

including music by Cut Chemist, old-school East Coast hip-hop with a Jamaican edge from Special Ed, remixes of dub legends Easy Star All Stars and new jazzy hip-hop from IsWhat?! (who have been likened to A Tribe Called Quest)

Fire Pon A Dubplate (Wall-B remix) - Mungo's Hi-Fi

?! feat. John Doe - IsWhat?!

Cats - IsWhat?!

Concussion - IsWhat?!

Fable of Faubus - IsWhat?!

Lies - IsWhat?!

Dig - IsWhat?!

Salty - IsWhat?!

Adidas To Addis - Cut Chemist

Adidas To Addis (Beats) - Cut Chemist

Povo De Santo - Cut Chemist

Povo De Santo (Beats) - Cut Chemist

Sound Of The Police - Cut Chemist

I Got It Made - Special Ed

Livin' Like A Star - Special Ed

The Mission - Special Ed

Time (Groove Corporation remix) - Easy Star All-Stars

Money (The Alchemist remix) - Easy Star All-Stars


Eclipse (Victor Rice remix) - Easy Star All-Stars 

Step It Pon Da Rastaman (Border Crossing remix) - Easy Star All-Stars

laid-back instrumentals...Jordan Leno

Baby - Jordan Leno

Really Love You - Jordan Leno

Pep In Your Step - Jordan Leno

Dunedin - Haz' Beats

Here's these tunes in playlist form courtesy of 8tracks

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