Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Animalistic Dubstep & D'n'B

Some tunes you thought were extinct, 
some new species...
All in the class of bass

The Cricket (R/D's Emo Mash-Up Remix) - R/D

Woo Boost (Toadally Krossed Out Remix) - Rusko

Hail Up The Lion - The Wildlife Collective AKA Ed Solo/DJ Deekline/Simon M

Lions Paw - Rusko

Froggy Style - The Widdler

Squid Bass (Interlude) - Breakage

Chokin' On A Chicken Bone - X Gets The Crest

For All Time - Slum Dogz


Come Back feat. Top Cat - Chase & Status

Cool Cats - Ed Cox


Monkey boy (Original Sin remix) - Rufige Kru


Monkey Business - The Widdler

Steppin In Dub Ft. Fox - Chimpo

Where's My Monkey? - Parker

Hornet - Dyamorph


Butterflies (Tranzyt Dubstep Remix) - Michael Jackson

Walking My Dog - The Widdler

Swan Cake - Twisted Individual


Sandsnake - Skream & Cluekid 

Cobra (Lulu Rouge edit) - 16 Bit


The Fish Song - Ed Cox


Elephant Dub - Mark Pritchard

(from the same LP)

Crocodile Jukebox - Kryteria & Anxiety

Duck Hunt - Axon


Drop Bear - DIE

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