Tuesday, 9 March 2010


i've just been watching some football (soccer to those across the pond), and saw this song advertised:

Oh Africa - Akon

Here's some tunes dedicated to Africa..

King of Africa - Douster [I know this has featured in a previous post, but come on, listen]

African Style - Planet Asia

Water No Get Enemy - Fela Kuti

Gentleman - Fela Kuti

(In my humble opinion) the gulf in talent between Akon and the following artists is massive. These guys will sadly make a fraction of Akon's income.
Akon, you should have been locked up a long, long time ago...
I'm not a hater. I just don't particularly like your music. Nothing personal Akon...

Poliomyelite - Staff Benda Bilili

Africa - The Others

Afrika VIP - Caspa & Rusko

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