Thursday, 25 February 2010


songs to lie down at a party to and take a breather...

So Rotten - Blak Twang [the best UK hip-hop tune in existence as far as I'm concerned]

The Raft - Fat Freddy's Drop


Shiverman - Fat Freddy's Drop

Dr Boondigga & The Big BW album:

Wandering Eye - Fat Freddy's Drop

Based On A True Story album:

Cay's Crays - Digital Mystikz remix

Flashback - Fat Freddy's Drop feat. Jazzanova


Place of Birth - Planet Asia


Hard Times - Pablo Gad

'Hard Times' album:


And an Ed Solo tune that remixed the end of this reggae gem:

from the album 'Random Acts of Kindness',g/Ed-Solo-and-Skool-of-Thought-Random-Acts-of-Kindness.html
...that also features:


And a great drum&bass remix of this:


Washington Square - Chinese Man

Here are the 3 tracks that feature in the skate video in one of my previous posts:
Can't seem to make you mine - The Seeds



Dr. Kitt - Kula Shaker


When They Fight, They Fight - The Generationals

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