Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Freak You Out Foreign Rhymes

Because the French can rap too...

***Soldier - DJ Vadim*** (Wall-B's song of 2009)

From the 'U Can't Lurn Imaginashun' album

Kill Kill Kill - DJ Vadim

From the 'Sound Catcher' album:

[Not French, but from the same album]

Black is the Night - DJ Vadim (creepy video, great tune)

Got to rock - DJ Vadim (great video, great tune)

Cadavre Exquis - Daedelus

Maximum Boycott album has a nice selection of French hip-hop

Qui Veut Sucer Du Leust - Al Peco
On Tape L'incruste - D'OZ, EL NESS & SINDBAD

...and some Dutch rap

Buitenbad - Rico

Hungarian Skank - Ramadan Man

Gekke Gerrit - Opgezwolle

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