Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Soul Immigrants

There's no other way of describing The Soul Immigrants than they are funk activists ... 

Hailing from South London, The Soul Immigrants are fine purveyors of energetic Deep Funk (& beyond!) 
This marks their first release since they reformed in 2011 and is brought to you courtesy of their 
own label Dry Rooti Records distributed by Sticky Records

This release sees the band back in swinging fashion with the fantastic sounding single The Ghetto (There's No Way Out), an Afro-Funk barnstormer, deeply melodic, super tough and soulful, backed by the equally thrilling 
Sunk Without The Funk, intoxicating funkified liquor to get any party going! 

The Soul Immigrants are:
Emrys Baird; Guitar /Vocals
David Bouet; Drums
Al Gibson; Bass
Stu Ross; Keys
Lady Dee; Alto Sax
Ian Bailey; Tenor & Baritone Sax

distributed by Sticky Records, preview the tracks below & SUPPORT REAL MUSIC with REAL MONEY

The Ghetto (there's no way out) - The Soul Immigrants

Sunk Without The Funk - The Soul Immigrants

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