Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Brooding house music from Amirali, whose journey has taken him from living in Iran to Toronto to London where he now resides, via an architecture degree.

Beautiful World - Amirali

Growing up in the city of Tehran, Amirali’s main musical influence was his father’s record collection, which opened his eyes to classical, jazz, blues and rock'n'roll. At the age of 16 Amirali’s family immigrated to Toronto in the hope of a better future. Amirali’s musical prowess wasn’t picked up on until he transferred his architecture university studies to London in 2010. He now confesses the move was driven more by musical aspirations rather than academic. This proved to be a very good decision indeed.

Just An Illusion EP (Crosstown Rebels) - Amirali 

My Way - Amirali

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