Sunday, 25 April 2010

flash bastard beats

Wonderwall (Instrumental) - Lewis Parker

Rise (Insrumental) - Lewis Parker

Two Blazing Eye In The Sun - Lewis Parker

download 'Visions of Splendour' by Lewis Parker:

Don't Say A Word (Instrumental) -Chino XL

Kreep (Instrumental) - Chino XL

Cruel Youth - Pepe Deluxe

Lying Peacefully - Pepe Deluxe

Vamos Muchachos - Pepe Deluxe

download Pepe Deluxe's album 'Beatitude' which these all feature on:

Slim's Return - Madlib

Stepping Into Tomorrow - Madlib

and because jungle is massive, a little bit of Rugged Vinyl from the '90s...

Aardvark -Rugged Vinyl

Burning - Rugged Vinyl

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